Carol Jean & Keith – 1962


This is a nicely restored 1962 Thunderbird that we just bought. It has had a complete rebuild, with a rebuilt engine, transmission, front end, new shocks all around, new radiator and heater core, with all new brakes and brake lines. The paint is very nice Acapulco Blue, with blue leather interior, as the car was originally made. It is a very nice cruiser and shares garage space with Keith’s 3 Corvettes, which drive quite differently from the Thunderbird.

The three Corvettes all drive much differently from each other. The red 2000 convertible is a nice, refined cruiser. The blue 2002 Z06 is somewhat of a beast with a stiffer suspension, and 100 more HP, than the 2000. The 1991 turquoise is more like a high powered go kart, especially since it is supercharged. Below 4500 RPM it makes more power and torque than the 2002 Z06.

Fred Rubio – 1984

I purchased the 1984 Elan Thunderbird from original owner in Seattle in 2013 with records and showroom brochures. It is difficult to find one that hasn’t been molested.

Original silver clear coat with charcoal interior with console,  swing out vent windows, 302 V-8 fuel injection, rear drive, rack and pinion steering, and road wheels.

Was best original car in the 80s at the Wenatchee Classy Chassis show in 2013.