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20 ways a classic Thunderbird is better than a classic Mustang

wire spoke wheels, convertible 1966
Matching whitewalls
Fuchsia '69 Mustang
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How are Classic T-Birds better than Classic Mustangs?

As one who has owned both I can say, I know these rather well. I had a 1969 Mach 1, 428 CJ, close ratio top loader 4 speed, with the fold down rear seat. I worked on it a lot to where I dealt with a few things that your average owner (that only did light maintenance) would not know. In contrast, I now own a 1965 Thunderbird coupe and have done enough work on it to see some significant differences. Most people that appreciate classic 60s cars would say there is no comparison between these two, they are different animals, so to speak. I want to try and give a lighthearted article on this to be in a friendly spirit to the muscle car crowd and show how sometimes we see things with an unfair bias that can keep our eyes shielded from a real jewel that sits there unappreciated for years as it was with me. I had a friend who had a “flairbird” when I was in my 20s and thought, who cares about T-Birds if you can have a Mustang? Well there are plenty of reasons to care about these wonderful cars that Ford has made, and has a loyal following, from a long time ago.
My Mustang’s original 428 had been replaced by a 390 before I purchased it and it was such a light car that it made a lot of thrust G-force when you floored it. Unlike the T-bird with it’s heavier body, 390 and automatic trans. That, however, can be a lesser than ultimate point if you look at the reasons and benefits of that difference in weight. So let us begin with the bullet points of, how a classic t-bird is better than a classic Mustang.

1- All the room and triple the trunk! I can literally fit a rowing machine in my coupe’s trunk.

2- Birds fly Horses only run. And the fastest birds are faster than the fastest horses…

3- Four headlights on many years! More light to see when your on a lonely desert road.

4:- Heavy is heavy duty! The gauge thickness of all panels are much thicker than a Mustang.

5- Big engines are the only way! No sixes or fours in this line.

6- Won’t spill your drink on any speedbump! There’s something to be said when you spill because of a bump.

7- Sequential taillights before they were cool. And they’re pretty cool.

8- Space-age dash controls! Literally from the “jet age” or “space age”.

9- “Lowrider” by War fits it. It is coveted by fans.

10- Native American name! Indigenous to the American continent.

11- Hood scoops on every model! Another standard not an option.

12- The generations have cooler names! (“Little birds”, “Square birds”, “Bullet birds”, “Flare birds”, “Glam birds”). As opposed to “Gen 1; Gen 2; etc.

13- More interior colors! And that’s where you live when you drive.

14- Jet like taillights on some! So afterburner.

15- Same forward look with bigger chrome! Just like Texas, bigger.

16- Who needs a fold down rear seat when you can fit a rowing machine in the trunk? I can literally do that.
17- Spare tire covers standard! To keep your bags and belongings clean.

18- Mustangs engines are the same cheap parts for the rare T-birds! Making these affordable to keep.

19- You could get a matching travel bag! If you were to travel, you would have style from Ford.

20- You’ll never see a 6 cylinder classic T-bird! Not even gonna go there.

I hoped you got a chuckle, There will never be a replacement for any classic and we are here to preserve it’s place.